Unique Fingerprint

Baptist Health Heart Care

The Challenge

Many times, those who need heart care the most are the least likely to seek it out. Baptist Health needed to get these healthcare skeptics to prioritize heart care, and to get them and the overall market to consider Baptist Health first when it comes to their hearts.

The Approach

Baptist Health provides very personalized care for each individual. And in doing background research, &well discovered that each person’s heartbeat is as unique as his or her fingerprint. That inspired the entire campaign we developed.

The Solution

&well created a multi-layered solution featuring each person’s unique heartbeat as it looks on an EKG. To drive top-of-mind awareness of Baptist Health’s patient-focused heart care, we created an overarching message in TV, print and outdoor. To target five specific groups of heart care skeptics, we used digital media, also driven by the heartbeat theme, inviting them to take a heart health quiz designed around that target’s unique needs. 

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