Our Culture

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Many things define us. We are storytellers & data nerds. Masters of client service & tough media negotiators. Strategy partners & zealous project managers.

We hail from Louisville, Kentucky with our own brand of southern charm & hospitality. In an industry increasingly built on zeroes and ones, we still prefer face-to-face & firm handshakes. We are fun-loving & hard-working people, united by passion & purpose to create connections between brands & the communities they serve. Whether it’s for an education that takes graduates to the next level or healthcare that makes lives better, we give our all–& then some.

At &well, the “&” makes all the difference.

Just a few of our perks:

  • Flexible hybrid schedules
  • Summer Fridays
  • Annual awards and recognitions
  • Multiple four-day weekends and bonus holidays
  • A “Curiosity Fund” to use for education, exploration, or enrichment
  • A “Fitness Fund” to help us stay healthy

These and more are designed to help our team members find balance and renewed inspiration.

Then & Now

Our story is decades in the making. There have been plot twists, remarkable work, and of course, unforgettable people. Like our founder, Debbie Scoppechio.


In 1987, she broke through the ad world’s glass ceiling and into boardrooms, helping brands across the region and beyond tell their stories. The agency she built grew, becoming the largest in Kentucky. Later it would be eponymously named, honoring the ground she broke, the legacy she left, and the lives she touched.

As the advertising industry changed, the Scoppechio agency evolved. Areas of expertise developed, from food marketing to retail, to health, education and more. From one mighty agency, a network of powerhouses emerged, each hyper-focused on finding competitive advantages for brands in their respective industries.

Today, as part of what has grown into an international network called OvareGroup, &well specializes in health, wellness and education. We represent a concentration of talent and experience converged on a single purpose: creating meaningful narratives for life-changing, even life-saving, brands.

Our Brand Experience

All For One & One For All

OvareGroup is a holding company with an international portfolio of agencies across Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Argentina. Each work independently and collaboratively to generate growth and prosperity for local, regional and global businesses.


As one agency among many, &well has access to an almost limitless resource of diverse perspectives, skills, talent and experience.  Working together, our network goes to market with a non-redundant, fully integrated portfolio dedicated to the pursuit of quality, speed and a superior value exchange. Each agency is aligned to deliver quality content development, innovative marketing technology and expert strategic services.

Have and idea? We're here to help you reach your goals.