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You Need an SEO Audit, Here’s Why

Whether you’re in the healthcare or education industry, your website is an important tool in the success of your business goals, but the internet is an increasingly competitive place. In healthcare, you compete with businesses that offer the same services as you, along with massive online scheduling websites that dominate top rankings. And for education, you battle affiliate websites and larger universities that receive more traffic, which is favorable for high rankings. In addition to website content and paid efforts, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial tool to help your website rise above the competition.

Even if you’ve performed an SEO audit, here are three reasons to perform an SEO website audit now.

Your website can have problems that you can’t see.

Though SEO rankings can be determined by keyword strategy, the factors that have the biggest influence on performance are the things you cannot see on the page. Technical issues that occur on the backend of a website can have a big influence on performance and can even undermine a good keyword strategy. From slow load speeds to broken links, there are many different types of technical errors that can negatively affect your site. Many of the errors can’t be seen by viewing the website content, an audit is the most effective way to identify and fix in order to increase search ranking. 

Your website must constantly compete for the top-ranking position.

Because SEO rankings can change daily, ranking well one day doesn’t ensure you will rank well tomorrow. A high-ranking position goes beyond having a strong keyword strategy: a searcher’s location, web history, and web behavior can also affect how well your site ranks. Additionally, if you’ve got competitors with similar geography and site content, a more comprehensive SEO strategy may required to win a top search position. The only way a business can ensure their continued SEO success is to regularly perform audits, optimize content and monitor their performance over time.

Your website needs to drive new customers.   

The majority of users coming to your website are organic traffic, meaning that they found your page through a search engine like Google. Organic traffic captures users that aren’t specifically looking for your facility, but are searching for a product or service you offer, such as “best colleges near me” or “family medicine physician”. And in the education and healthcare spaces, consumers will have many of your competitors to consider when they search these terms. When you rank higher, you get a bigger share of the traffic, and an audit is the best way to find opportunities to improve.

SEO is essential to the success of your business, and at &well, we’ve developed customized SEO solutions for our clients that have produced concrete improvements to SEO rankings.

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