Brand Refresh

The Challenge

Help Galen College of Nursing reposition during a time period of decreasing interest due to an improving economy & consumer distrust toward for-profit colleges.

The Approach

Our approach was to evolve the Galen brand by highlighting Galen’s exclusive focus on nursing & positioning Galen as unique in the education category.

The Solution

We developed the new positioning line, Pure Nursing. Our brand positioning, also served as the campaign theme, with creative executions that showed nurses doing what comes naturally, whether they were at the bedside or in the classroom educating the next generation. The campaign helped demonstrate Galen’s dedication to student success & their understanding of why prospective students are drawn to the field. Over time, the Pure Nursing campaign has utilized testimonial-style work & a variety of lead generation tactics like email, TV & digital to drive awareness & enrollment.


First-time enrollment leads across all four campuses have risen 27% in three years, accompanied by an equally impressive 15% decrease in cost-per-lead. Galen College of Nursing is also expanding its program offerings & campus footprint, including BSN & MSN degrees plus new campuses in Hazard, Kentucky & Miami, Florida.