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Heart Care that Revolves Around You

The onset of COVID-19 presented unique challenges for healthcare in 2020 and beyond – both for providers and patients. Concerns around safety and health risks were keeping patients away from hospitals and emergency rooms, even for heart-related issues. But simply reminding people of the importance of cardiac care was not going to be enough to overcome their concerns. 

And so for Baptist Health, we developed a strategy for promoting heart care designed to emotionally draw patients into a compelling, empowering story of care – uplifting them to follow their heart with a personal connection to Baptist Health and overcome their reluctance to re-engage in a healthcare setting. 

Heart Care “Centered on You” was visually brought to life using a continuous camera “arc shot” that revolved around patients receiving care, literally putting them in the center of the action. Each scene smoothly transitions to the next, allowing the audience to follow the cardiac patient journey in a compelling and completely ownable way. Additionally, the careful use of masks in various scenes subtly reinforced the fact that patient safety remained a top priority. 

By tying the visual treatment to the client’s messaging NorthStar, &well effectively drove the message home: Baptist Health Heart Care is “Centered on You.”  

See more examples of how we’ve executed against this positioning statement here. If you’d like to learn more about how we develop brands, reach out to us


Baptist Health is the largest not-for-profit health system in Kentucky, and has long been Kentuckiana’s preferred healthcare provider. &well has proudly served Baptist Health for six years as agency of record.