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10 Best Practices for Simplifying Your Telehealth Strategy

Now more than ever, consumer expectations for quality and convenience demand a simple experience.  Here are 10 key ways to refine your telehealth approach to deliver low-effort/high-value patient experiences:

Implementation and Design

  1. Simplify the experience — no-cost and paid solutions like and Mend lessen the administrative burden for physicians who navigate both in-person and virtual care
  2. Align workflows to minimize need for clinical staff involvement, like scheduling
  3. Ensure connections and servers have high-speed internet access
  4. Scale the same process everywhere

Clinician Ease of Use 

  1. Prep charts prior to consultations 
  2. Enable tech efficiencies like use of dual monitors for full view of patient and chart history
  3. Establish a “cheat sheet” of commonly used ICD-10 codes for ease of billing

Patient Engagement

  1. Send onboarding instructions for a seamless transition, e.g., “allow camera and mic access”
  2. Use web-based solutions for friction-less or as friction-light as possible
  3. Set expectations before and recap after

At &well, we understand the complex challenges facing hospitals and health systems. If you’re looking for ways to reinvigorate your approach to telehealth, we can help. We’re experts at navigating those challenges to bring healthcare understanding to consumers.